Harbinger Group IT Company, Pune Selection Process 2011

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13 thoughts on “Harbinger Group IT Company, Pune Selection Process 2011

  1. have given my written test and have done well in it so am looking forward for interview can you give me some tips regrading technical interview in herbinger

    • Yes of course, C and C++ are mother of all languages. You just need to properly write the program they give in which ever language you like. 😀

  2. My name is Aditi Anil Godse.
    I have completed MCS(MSc computer science).Next Semester is my industrial training.It is about 5 to 6 months.Would you provide it?What will be the procedure to apply for the job?

  3. hiee….I am vishal…
    What is paper pattern for the Harbinger aptitude test….
    plz reply as early as possible….bcoz it is coming on 28th sept…..

  4. can you please tell me the level of harbinger aptitude test as it s comming in my college what topics it cover mainly in quant etc?

  5. I gave aptitude test of harbinger ,yesterday. There was 10 quantitative Q based on time & work,P&C, Series etc,..10 comp. fundamental Q based on c,c++,java,SQl,..and in 3rd section u have to write a code for given Ex. in c or c++ or java And draw the class diagram for given system…that’s it.

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