Engineering Joke

1 MBA Student Or
1 MCA Kashti Me Ja Rahe The.
1 JIN Aaya Or Bola
“Samndar Me Koi Chiz Phenko Agr Mene Dhund Li To Me
Tumhe Mar Dunga
Or Na Dhund Paya To Me Tumhara Gulam”
MBA Ne Needle Phenki
JIN Ne Dhund Li Or Use Mar Dia.
MCA Student Ne Memory Card Phenka.
JIN Ne Dhund Lia Or Use Bhi Mar Dia.
ENGG. student Ne Disprine ki goli Phenki.
Wo Pani Me ghul gyi.

Studnt bola:
Chal Beta ghar Chal.Bahut assignment Pade Hain 😛 :p

Moral: Don’t Play Wid Engineers.
😀 😀

Dedicated to the original creator. Posted just for fun.

Agile Software Development Tool-Agilefant

Agilefant is an open source tool for managing agile software development. It brings together the perspectives of daily work, long-term product and release .

It has become quite popular in the industry where  Agile Methodology is used for Software Development.

Some of its features are:

  • Backlog Management
  • Product Management
  • Iterations
  • Dailywork
  • Timesheets

The UI is easy to understand and even a newcomer becomes comfortable using it.

Visit the website for more info and downloads.

You know you are a Geek when

You know you are a Geek when

You study on Holidays and Sundays
You feel hurt when you get 9.5/10
Coming 2nd in the class is like a crown of thorns
Parties are a big bore for you.
You can keep on talking about Geeky stuff
You spent most time on Wikipedia
You haven’t seen a movies since ages.
You are always prepared for an exam.
Seeing other ordinary people makes you wonder.
Laptop and Books are your Best Friend and maybe your nerdy group of friends.

Dedicated to all Geeks. 😀 😉