Steve Jobs vs Dennis Ritchie

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Steve Jobs the innovator

I recently read some articles on the net about How Steve Jobs death created a frenzy in media and hardly any response was seen after Dennis Ritchie‘ s death.

According to me Both Dennis and Steve were the greatest men on earth.

Yes I agree with the fact that Steve gained all the limelight even after his death.

Dennis was a genius who prefer his work to speak rather than himself. His creations have changed the world especially C and UNIX.

Whereas Steve was a guy who was a marketing genius, Standing on the stage at Mac World Expo he has mesmerized the audiences for ages. He enjoyed the limelight and grabbed attention even after his death.

It’s sad that very few people know Dennis Ritchie (I know him because I belong to the Programmer category) but many of my friends and colleagues who belong to different professions didn’t know him but most of them know Steve because Apple products are famous. Steve was successful in creating madness for Apple. There are people who are crazy after iPhone,  iPad, iPod etc etc and owning one is also regarded as a status symbol.

Dennis Ritchie the silent creator

Similarly Dennis Ritchie who can be considered as the God of Programming has changed the world with his inventions. And Geeks never fight for limelight. They keep on working behind the scenes and let their work talk for them.

So Let’s pay our Tribute to both of them and if possible make this ignorant world a little aware about Dennis Ritchie whose creations have made the earth a better place to live in. 

Check out the article below.
Dennis Ritchie: The shoulders Steve Jobs stood on

Tribute to Dennis Ritchie- creator of C and co-creator of UNIX

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Another major blow to the world of Computing after Steve Job’s death on 5th October, 2011. Dennis Ritchie, the man responsible for C and co-creator of UNIX along with Ken Thompson died on October 8th 2011.

The C language is widely used in application and operating system development, and its influence is seen in most modern programming languages.

UNIX is a powerful operating system which has has played a major role in the creation of Internet and World Wide Web. It’s variants like Linux and Mac OS are widely used in the modern world.

Programming Palace offers a tribute to the great man. RIP Dennis Ritchie.