A Simple C Program

Hello Friends,

This is a very simple C Program demonstrating input, output using printf(), scanf() functions in C. It also shows how to write and call some simple functions in C without any argument or return type.

Level- Beginner

  Program demonstrating Simple Functions, input, output in C



void hello_message()
     printf("\n Hello World!! :)\n");

void bye_message()
     printf("\n Good Bye World!!!\n");

void main()
     int num, a, b, c;
     printf("\n ~~~Welcome to the world of C~~~ \n");
     This is not allowed gives error
     printf("\n Hello



     printf("\n Enter a Number : ");

     scanf("%d", &num);

     printf("\n You entered %d", num);

     printf("\n c = %d (Garbage Value)", c); //displays garbage value
     printf("\n c = %d", c);//o/p - 9
     printf("\n a = %d", a); //o/p - 5

     printf("\n Experiments with printf \n");

     printf("\n number = %d", 3); // o/p- 3
     printf("\n a+b = %d", a+b); //o/p -12
     printf("\n a*b+c = %d", a*b+c); //o/p-44

     printf("\n Experiments with scanf \n");

     printf("\n Enter three Numbers : ");
     scanf("%d %d %d", &a, &b, &c);
     printf("\n a = %d, b = %d, c = %d ", a,b,c);

     printf("\n Enter three Numbers (separated by commas) : ");
     scanf("%d, %d, %d", &a, &b, &c);
     printf("\n a = %d, b = %d, c = %d ", a,b,c);


 Snapshot of the o/p

Simple Program O/P